We’re done!

Gap the Border has come to its end and with that we made a booklet in order for you to have a more detailed look at the whole design process. With things coming to an end, we would like to thank you for your interest in our work for the past weeks. See you on the other … Continue reading We’re done!

What a wind!

With a great amount of sun and wind, the second day was a great day for measuring! Days like these are amazing for giving insights in sedimentation processes on the beach and with what speed they take place! To see results after two days already is fantastic, so now lets hope for even more wind! … Continue reading What a wind!

It’s up!

We can finally say that we have officially opened the installation! After a week of hard work we are now open to public. Combining art and science, we strive to make you aware of human influences on the dynamic dunescape of Terschelling as a prototype for other coastal areas. Since these areas are in grave … Continue reading It’s up!

Thank you!

Tomorrow our team will leave to Terschelling. It's time to build up the installation! We would like to thank everyone who's made this project possible: DIMI, the chair of Landscape Architecture, Stichting NHBos and of course Oerol itself. A special thanks also to our advisor, René van der Velde, Janneke Van Bergen and Michiel Pouderoijen, that support … Continue reading Thank you!

The Story

Coastal areas are in great danger due to massive sea-level rise. The continuous human interventions in these areas prevent the low lands from drowning. As part of the research program related to coastal defence, a group of MSc students from TU Delft have developed an architectural intervention as a prototype for these areas. The Wadden … Continue reading The Story

What are we doing?

For the 6th year, students of the TUDelft participate in the Oerol Festival with an amazing project on Terschelling. This years topic is Aeolis: it derives from a really fancy greek concept to express the sand transportation due to wind power that creates dunes. If you're really interested: Aeolus[1] (/iːˈoʊləs/; Ancient Greek: Αἴολος, Aiolos [a͜ɪ́olos], Modern Greek: [ˈe.o.los] ("quick-moving, … Continue reading What are we doing?